WELCOME TO Truckers Parking Choise

We work with customers from all across the nation to spread the unique thrill of the luxury drive. Our team runs on the mantra “always give people more than they expect”. Now we have to match the highest standards in the world – to the highest expectations: those of our discerning customers.


Trucker Parking Choise offers a unique auto dealership experience like no other. As car enthusiasts, we stock and locate all forms of high-adrenaline motoring to experience the best of both worlds: a beautiful city and amazing driving roads within a stone’s throw.


If you are looking to trade in your vehicle but don’t want to go through the difficulties of doing so privately


Are you in the market for a new car? Look no further, Trucker Parking Choise can help you find a perfect vehicle.


Whether you are looking to sell your car to a reputable agent or want to buy a used car, look no further than Truckers Parking Choise!


Looking to sell your car, but want to avoid low-ballers as well as the tedious paperwork involved? Or would like to continue using your car until a buyer has been found? If so, car consignment services may be the perfect option for you.


Let us know how what we can do to improve. We really do appreciate your comments and suggestions.

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